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Our offer of counselling as well as organizational and personal services is, first of all, directed to firms as well as engineering offices and design teams which look for proper and, what is more, professional workers or partners.

We provide personal support in the area of engineer-design works and building supervision both in projects carried out in country and abroad.


We offer the realization of the whole commissioned service on our premises both in Poland and Germany, or at the place of a company which orders only a part of a project or other service included in our offer.

Offered scope of services:

  • qualified and professional staff recruitment,
  • support in partner verification and search,
  • organization of project teams (outsourcing).

Commercial Representation

In order to meet all the requirements and answer the questions, the W. E. I. S. team is seeking new service partners, innovative technical solutions and products all the time. This activity and commitment mentioned above enable the W. E. I. S. team to react quickly and effectively  to all, even unusual, questions, ensuring a complex and professional service. The W. E. I. S. establishes connections, helps with the finding of searched services, contacts or business partners in various fields of economy, science and private sector, both in country and abroad.
Our company offers a range of varied services. Therefore, we are eager to accept your suggestions and hints which can help us meet Your expectations more effectively.

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